Have you ever thought of murdering anyone?  The collection of such individuals I have in my hit list is growing exponentially

In the middle of all the HS2 mayhem, some powerful and very stupid people want to bring back the Euston Arch.  Of course, that presupposes they can find the bits.  And what about the cost?

I have a much better idea.  Bring back Tyburn.


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We are asking you

Starting with HS2, we shall be posting a number of surveys to seek your views on a number of topics. Please visit our surveys page to access these. The results for each survey will be published there as well.

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Nearly There


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Tell the Government and HS2 Ltd what you think of their HS2 plans

Deadline for responses to HS2 Environmental Statement Consultation extended until Thursday, 27th February 2014

Of course, you may want to make a personal response based on your own priorities but if you would like an easier and faster way to do so we have designed a response that will take just a few minutes to complete


To get maximum response please circulate this link to as many people as possible

  • More than one adult from a household may respond
  • Responses are not confined to Camden residents

It is really SO VERY IMPORTANT that the headline figures for responses from Camden are high.

If the response rate is low then HS2 decision-makers will simply use the lack of huge numbers replying as ‘evidence’ that Camden people do not object to its plans

Of course we all know that would be the wrong conclusion

Camden people DO OBJECT to HS2 plans

Camden people DO CARE and want to PROTECT CAMDEN from HS2 impacts

Here is your chance to let them know

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The Phantom Euston Blogger strikes again!

I know, yours truly has been AWOL far too long.  Have missed you all while I’ve been gone.  ‘Tis a long and painful story but now am on the mend. Reckoned another week and  I’d dip my toe in the Euston Bog again but events have overtaken me and am about to dive headlong into the fray!


……..and the Wilful Misinformation Award

goes to ……….

What , you might well ask, has precipitated this earlier than intended appearance?  Well, it’s none other than the latest antics of our old adversaries HS2 Ltd that have proved irresistible.  Those of the many of us who’ve experienced first hand the frustrating, baffling, obstructive behaviour exhibited by the over-paid army of HS2 employees intent on marching all over our communities will not be surprised. 

While I’ve been out of action I’ve collected loads of tales to trot out when news is slow.  But their latest effort must win the Award of the Year for Wilful Misinformation

Spot the Deliberate Mistakes

Having £millions of our money to burn, HS2 Ltd recently launched their shiny new website, another one we’ve all paid for.  Their new 5-minute self-promoting video telling us all just how wonderful they are is packed full of ‘errors’.  At this point it’s time to engage in the game of Spot the Deliberate Mistakes and   (here –

Early into The Unreality Show we are meant to gasp with awe as the shiny new train jets across the countryside at the speed of light.  This sleek and sexy snake-like beast looks relatively harmless. 

But once you start hunting the deliberate mistakes they crop up everywhere

  • Where are the less than picturesque ugly steel gantries required every few yards along both sides of the track?
  • Where is the necessary superstructure to support  the overhead  web of electrification cables?
  • Where are the cables themselves?
  • Where are the unavoidable fences and safety barriers that will necessarily line both sides of the railway

All of those are missing because HS2 Ltd doesn’t want to spoil their pretty pictures.  Of far more importantly, neither do we want HS2 to ruin our pretty landscape by ploughing straight through the Chilterns which is acknowledged as an area of outstanding natural beauty (ANOB).  And quite honestly ruining a promotional video by including eye-sores in a picture doesn’t come into the same league as permanently ruining the environment for mile upon mile. Could it be that the government is not being honest with you deliberately?. 

The Sound of Silence

But that’s not all.  Something else is missing from the ambient tranquility, the peaceful idyllic scene.  Finally the penny drops.  Only the slightest ’ swoosh accompanies the progress of the high speed train across the terrain.  Nothing like the thundering clatter that one experiences standing 100 yards away from the track in Stratford as HS1 makes its  relatively slow (compared with the speed of HS2) way to St Pancras International.

The Never-ending Story

These monsters are rather long; almost have a mile long – 400m to be precise.  Being of a curious disposition I wondered just how long it would take for a train travelling at 325mph to pass any given point.  This conundrum was far too much for my mathematically challenged brain so am recruiting help.  Meanwhile, it would all look rather silly if after chucking £33bn at it, you couldn’t get a seat on the Super-Sized Express.  To make sure you don’t have to stand all the way from London to Brum the TOCs (that is Train Operating Companies to the uninitiated) are planning up to eighteen of these monsters an hour.  So our sums must be multiplied by 18.  And oh!  Then there will be eighteen trains per hour   speeding in the opposite direction.   So now we need to  double that number because half travel from right to left and an equal number travel from left to right as they come and  as they go.  Need to consult my mathematical guru.  Be back soon. 

Get Real!

If you’re new to HS2 Ltd you might be surprised how far removed they are from reality.  Well, if you’re surprised by this video example courtesy HS2’s PR department , prepare to be completely gob-smacked.   You won’t be the only one who’s jaw drops in response to HS2    Margaret Hodge, chair of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee expressed her reaction to statistics presented by the DfT regarding HS2 in those exact words.  (watch the video here) WHEN I FIND IT

HS2 – Telling it like it isn’t!


In the latest Compo Promo HS2’s very own roving artistic director on location visits a selection of places along the Phase 1 route, some of which are just down the road from us in Camden. 

During the video, the HS2 promoters wax lyrical about just how kind and generous are the terms of thesir compensation schemes on offer to folk who may be affected by the building of this ‘exceptional construction project’.  We are told how far HS2 Ltd has gone ‘above and beyond’ their statutory compensation obligations.   

Instead, given what we know to be the truth, the Compo Promo is a nauseating video nasty attached to HS2 Ltd’s destructive plans .Indeed this insidious video demonstrated clearly how far the government, in collusion with HS2 Ltd, will go to deliberately deceive and mislead the unsuspecting, the naive and the anxious, or the just plain curious viewer. 


Full and Fair Compensation – make up your own mind

Beneath the super-imposed text giving some snippets of compensation information are tasteful background shots of places along the HS2 route  Among these are shots Mornington Terrace and Park Village East in Camden, handsome dwellings with an equally handsome price tag.  (if you want to locate these they are where the voice-over talks about the Sale and Rent Back Scheme)

These properties overlook the railway as it emerges from the tunnel under Primrose Hill.  Just the width of a narrow road lis between these des res and a 10m drop into the railway cutting which is part of the half mile approach to Euston Station.   During construction work in this specific area residents have been told they face up to three years constant disruption involving major excavation accompanied by associated noise, thumps, vibrations, dirt and fumes from giant construction vehicles.  The Victorian cutting walls have withstood much in their history and are built on sound foundation. 

but the excavations planned could well undermine their foundations.  The latter is of great concern as residents fear such radical surgery to the cuttings might well result in the road outside their front doors, already regularly pot-holed on a regular basis due to subsidence, giving up the ghost altogether and crumbling into the deepening drop of the railway cutting

It must be such a relief to these homeowners to know that they will be fully compensated for the obvious property blight that has already attached itself to their properties.  They will be able to sleep easy at night reassured in the knowledge they will receive full and fair compensation thus allowing them to move elsewhere should they find the daily disruption Intolerable.

But, hang on a bit.  What the reassuring sotto voce voice- over in the Compensation video  failed to mention was the small but not insignificant point that, quite incredibly, not one of these properties falls into any eligible compensation category. None of the residents living in these highly des res will receive a single penny compensation.  That is right,  None. Zero. Zilch  – unless, that is, they can prove ‘exceptional financial hardship’ which is extremely unlikely and which in any event is exceptionally hard to access.!.  I’ll repeat that just in case it isn’t clear.  None of these homes adjacent to the track and subject to massive property blight and years of disruption is covered by any of the generous compensation schemes designed by the Government and its agent HS2 Ltd.

Application for

  Full and Fair



You just couldn’t make it up, could you!  This blatant duplicity of the government agents, HS2 Ltd, has rendered me apoplectic.  It takes quite something to render me speechless – and I don’t need shocks like this which could well cause emotional and physical relapse.

What the video does though serve to illustrate is just one example of the extraordinary position faced by many hundreds of people in Camden over an incredibly protected timescale.  Despite the levels and duration of Euston’s very own ‘Ground Zero’ equivalent, very very few, other than those whose homes await the bulldozer, will be eligible for the exceedingly  ‘generous’ compensation offered by HS2 Ltd.  

If the rebuilding of Euston Station is factored into the Hell awaiting them, In the worst case scenario

  • homeowners and tenants face up to 17 years of demolition and construction works. 
  • No Voluntary Purchase Zone for us. 
  • No compensation whatever if you live just a few meters from a decade of continual disruption from construction works. 

What was it that Patrick McLaughlin said when with great fanfare he announced on 28th January the long awaited route of Phase 2?

ThreePictures Building HS2 is ‘in the national interest’ and it is worth the pain’, pain which very obviously neither he  nor any of his MP chums has to suffer.  But to demonstrate his humanity he told reporters that he recognised ‘some people would be upset’.  Upset!  Perhaps the under-statement of the year  In Camden people will be stressed and worried, horrified even about their future, will face financial hardship or even ruin, they will feel hopeless and helpless and indeed furious that their lives can be turned into living nightmares through no fault of their own.

And let us not forget, even where home-owners are eligible for compensation this is not payable until the new railway line is complete and has been operating for a year.  In other words,

no financial payment from HS2 Ltd for their their blighted lives and homes until 2026 at the earliest.

Is this full and fair compensation? 

Does all this sound like a generous compensation package to you?  Camden residents and others in west London, in Ealing, Ruislip and Hillingdon who face a similar fate, would appreciate if you were to make your views known to the government on how fair you think their compensation package is and, perhaps suggesting they should research the meaning of the word ‘generous’ so that they inadvertently don’t mislead the public.  One thing is certain though.  We don’t  want to be sacrificed on the ‘altar of national interest’.  We need all the help we can get.

The more you know the less you’ll like it

On behalf of the Camden Town District Management Committee representing over 6000 local authority tenants and leaseholders as it’s Chair, I’ve just completed a formal response to the Property Compensation Consultation.  This provides lots of information on the shortfall in compensation ‘generosity’ related to the major multiple impacts HS2 will have on our communities. 


‘Euston, We have a Problem’ was a slogan used some time ago, long before the true scale of the horrors we faced started to unfold.  We in Camden can vouch for the fact that Euston most certainly has a problem

and it is called HS2.  Here

We ask you good people to please help us to send out a message that is loud and clear to the Department of Transport and to HS2 Ltd and it is this:



Back to that mathematical conundrum!  – I am now more knowledgably than I was this morning.  I have learned that

Time equals distance divided by speed

so that where  time = T, distance = D and speed = S the equation looks  like this

T = D/S

but my mathematical guro tells me I need more data to plug into the equation to make it meaningful.  Am working on it.

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Not actually tried it but sounds like a nebulous exercise, bit like the pie in the sky stats that rain down from HS2 Ltd.  The analogy describes efforts made by spinning and crystal ball gazing that DfT engages in to justify spending billions on a vanity project dreamed up and supported by statistics plucked out of clouds of fantasy.  The £34 billion price tag of the HS2 pie has had construction and related companies scrambling for a large slice of the pie liberally spiced with sauce overflowing from the HS2 gravy train.  Meanwhile those who will pay for this gourmet pie are being short-changed big time and will be lucky if they can find any crumbs of comfort after the frantic feeding fest of vested interests has devoured the transport budget and more.

The £34 billion pie

DfT warriors facing Public Accounts Committee scrutiny were faced with the accusation that ever-changing forecasts and statistics were symptomatic of accountants and statisticians being sent back to cook a better pie, not from the public point of view, but to get their figures matching those supposedly believable as a basis to HS2 business case.  In effect they were asking whether,  if their figures did not suit their paymasters, they were sent back to the drawing board to produce others until the desired result was produced.   Such a scenario bears out the accusation by opponents of HS2 who say it is solution  desperately seeking a big enough problem to give it credibility.

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Shocking Downgrade

Notional hourly rate takes massive nose-dive

Well-dressed gent boards Britain-bound  HS1.  Speeding through the Channel Tunnel he muses.  So HS2 Ltd assesses his nominal value at £54.00 per hour.  Worth every penny and more than this measly nominal sum, he assures himself.

Alighting at St Pancras International Station he downs a gin and tonic before boarding the southbound Thameslink train for onward travel to his spacious country house.  Seated comfortably he unfurls ‘The Telegraph’.  Scanning the pages his eyes light upon a report of proceeding from the Public Accounts Committee eager that lessons from HS1  should inform and ensure HS2 is travelling along the right track.  His self-esteem plummets to new depths.  His nominal hourly rate has cataclysmically dropped to the almost worthless sum of £7.00 – just 13% of his hourly value no more than half an hour previously

The Gentleman is naturally very perplexed about the rationale employed in this particular discombobulated conundrum.  In order to ascertain the methodology used in this very confusing component of the cost/benefit ratio underpinning HS2 he resolves to write to the Department of Transport and politely request a clear explanation.

And the very best of luck to you, Sir.  Historic evidence suggests that you haven’t got a hope in hell of receiving a credible explanation.  But you are however very welcome to join the rest of us, the ever growing frustrated majority.

Bet you think this is just a fairy tale.  I kid you not!  Passengers commuting on short journeys are, according to HS2 rationale, valued at just 13% of the very same passengers travelling on very expensive and highly ‘unproductive ‘ longer distance travellers!  (Very odd indeed when it’s glaringly obvious that longer journeys are more conducive to productive working).  How on earth can this value imbalance occur, one might reasonably ask?

Well, inflating hourly travellers worth increases the so-called ‘benefit’ calculated in pound notes to pad the business case which  otherwise could not be justified in terms of financial cost – to say nothing of the other costs to communities, the environment and pollution.  Margaret Hodge, Chair of the PAC, rightly challenged this anomaly stating that such inconsistencies would obviously skew investment into long distance rail projects.  The hapless DfT spokesperson wriggled helpless impaled on this well-aimed skewer muttering something totally unconvincing to the effect that ‘any methodology involves making assumptions’!   Most of us would assume that the assumptions would have some link to credibility.

Instant deflation

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Productive afternoon.

Productive afternoon.  Met with young film-maker in Regents Park at lunch time.  She lives in a lovely home in one of the blocks HS2 plan to destroy.  We plan to share ideas and work together to derail the monstrous HS2 juggernaut. 

Mind you, judging by the recent fourth downgrade of their business case to a 1:1 ratio (and that is based on all sorts of wild assumptions at best) the HS2 project will implode from within.

But, just to be on the safe side we will continue our battle to see that HS3 hits the buffers.

Destruction in the name of something really socially worthwhile might just be acceptable but destruction in order to steal land to develop at the expense of residents is simply foul play by powerful people who can do what they want with government backing.  Another case of ‘jobs for the boys’

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But what about OUR boys (and girls)?

Thousands of jobs for Euston, say HS2.  Really!   And just how many are you destroying in your rampage?  And, out of those thousands of jobs just how many will be for local residents?  If they said 50% or even 40% well at least there would be some benefit for those who will suffer from all the negative effects of HS2 – noise, dirt, reduced air quality and increased pollution (already at danger levels on Euston Road), demolished homes, school, businesses, burial ground, open space, historic buildings and years and years of commuter chaos both into and out of Euston and through Camden.  Had I been HS2 I would have hung my face in shame.  Not 50% or 40% jobs for local people but THREE PERCENT!  This is totally outrageous and a monstrous insult to the people already deeply affected by HS2.

After leaving Regents Park went to Drummond Street, the Asian Eatery in Camden.  Lots of small shops and restaurants mainly owned by Bangladeshi people who have lived and worked in Camden for decades. 

At DIWANA,one of the most popular restaurants, we met Ken Livingstone.  As part of his campaigning to become the next London Mayor Ken was visiting Regents Park – the only candidate to do so thus far.  Ken listened to concerns expressed by all present. Having explained he was totally opposed to the wholesale devastation proposed by HS2 Ltd involving such large scale requisition of land, demolition and reconstruction, Ken outlined his ideas.  Admitting that it would be costly, Ken nevertheless made a very radical proposal.  Rather than drive a bulldozer through Euston and its communities, instead tunnel UNDER Euston.  That would put paid to the land grab and speculation, the destruction and demolition of homes and communities.  Rather a sensible idea. 

Not only that but his proposals actually made sense.   His plan would be to link North and South London by a deep 2-mile tunnel UNDER the current footprint with an interchange station underground at Euston, a link to Crossrail at Tottenham Court Road and on to Waterloo and the South. 

I can hear the howls of protest from the pro-camp ringing in my ears.  Think of the expense they will scream (remarkably silent about the £34bn+ budget for HS2.

But let us for just one moment consider what is currently on the drawing board.  A five mile tunnel from Old Oak Common to reach Euston.  Just 4% of the journey from London to Brum but with the enormous price tag of 22.5% of the budget.  And that does not even include building a new Tube Line that Boris insists would be necessary – and so it would since two of the Tube lines through Euston on the most heavily congested in the Capital.  

Why would anyone want to drive this tunnel such a long way rather than use Old Oak Common to link with Crossrail saving, in the vast majority of cases, journey time – the reason said to be the most important ‘driver’ for HS2?    Is 17 Emirate Stadiums a good enough clue?  A little more help?  Euston Station, homes, a school, open space, retail outlets and restaurants, a burial ground will all be flattened?  And what do you get?   Come on now, you must have got there by now.

In my more mean moments, I wonder whether HS2 Ltd is a secret Government Agent for Social Cleansing.  The wholesale demolition would certainly get rid of a lot of poor people – Homes bulldozed and not even a guarantee that they can remain locally with their communities and families.  Was I really being too mean?

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TIME and The Journey From Hell

In a busy pressurised world time to relax is pure bliss.  And relax is what i do with the time I spend on a train – maybe reading, maybe doing a crossword or Soduko puzzle, maybe thinking or, heaven forbid, actually working.  That cannot be right.  Surely I’ve got it wrong.  HS2 assures us you cannot work on a train and has built its business case costing in that factor as if it was for real.

Well, I can tell you this for nothing, I always book a seat in a ‘quiet’ coach.  This resulted from  one extremely frustrating journey I shall never forget.  A loud individual with phone glued to ear spent the entire journey called clients,  none of whom seemed to want to answer him, with the same boring sales pitch.

Hi there, It’s me, Roger, I’m on a train from Euston.  Just been to a meeting and want to talk to you about it.  Give me a ring when you get my message on 09785 423591.  Cheers.

Not once or twice but for the entire two hour journey to Manchester.   I was redy to scream!  As not one single person rang back, I felt obliged to help.  Going into the corridor I dialled 0-9-7-8-5  4-2-3-5-9-1.  Loudmouth answered.

HI Roger, I said.  Will you kindly put your bloody phone away, stop disturbing and boring every passenger within earshot. You may think you are important but you haven’t rented the train and nor are you paying business rates. So do everyone a favour and  SHUT the **** up!

Whereupon I hung up before he had the chance to say a word.  I would describe his behaviour as selfish, ignorant and, for want of a better phrase, working on a train – or at least doing a good impression of so doing though clearly not very successfully.

Business men cannot work on trains.  This is a fact.  HS2 tells us so.  All time is wasted on a train, they report.  Have they ever actually travelled on a train?  Both first and second class carriages are packed with people reading reports, testing, browsing the web and using laptops.  But no, time is wasted on a train so we need one that will travel at the speed of light to save all this wasted time.

And the HS2 Ltd Business plan is underpinned by that wasted time that is costed at alarming hourly rates as being a benefit amounting to millions, if not billions of pounds.

GUESS WHO was caught working on a train?

Not once, but twice.  Can’t reproduce All Rights Reserved but go to Google Images – enter ‘David Cameron working on Train’ and –  lo and behold!

If you can do it, Dave, anyone can do it!  Right!

Having nothing better to do over the weekend, i rifled through Justine Greening’s drawers.  Look what I unearthed THE ACADEMY OF EDUCATION

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